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Awkward: Katsina is turning refuse dumps to shops

In every area town and villages, there are places that are designated as public squares, refuse dumps, recreational etc.

This are places meant for specific usage in order to beautify the city, provide relieve and safe guard the city/town etc
In katsina, there are also places like the refuse dumps which are meant to be places where refuse will be disposed in order to protect the city from waste and other unwanted rubbish.
Unfortunately, those refuse dumps are now been sold and turned to shops. In lay out where I live, already a refuse dump has been converted to a shop. In fact, other places and space meant for electric and phone lines are also converted into unwanted usage. During the construction, the new owner of our refuse dump brought building materials that blocked the drainage and water start to over flow in our area.
I want to call on Katsina state ministries of housing, works and environment, NASREA and all other relevant agencies to look into the issue and address it immediately before a humanitarian disaster occur in the area.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

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