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Famous Ghanaian Pop Star, Itz Tiffany Worried After Her S3xtape Leak Online

I hate this job so much because we are generally the career of bad news but that’s not our fault. Most of us remember when hackers hacked iCloud and leaked several naked images of world-known celebrities? Apple replied and said, “if you never want your naked photos to venture out, simply don’t take them ;.

Many individuals will blame us because of this but there’s no way we’d have gotten your hands on this video if singer/rapper Itz Tiffany didn’t do the act and made it recorded in the first place. This isn’t 1st time her nakedness has emerge, Itz Tiffany, some years back suffered a great deal when her n@ked breasts went viral on Bluetooth as people transferred from phone to phone. She later claimed her phone was stolen and she had been blackmailed by the thieves. They later got arrested.

An exclusive video(Search for it on google or twitter) we’ve has shows clearly our the musician Itz Tiffany n@ked and threatening to curse her boyfriend, the Ashanti way. From what we realize, those types of curses work such as for instance a charm. The guy in the video kept pleasing but she continued and did it. Viewer discretion is strictly advised. The video below.

Update: Our investigation tells us that, the guy in the videos is named Frank White and he’s an ex-boyfriend and baby daddy to Itz Tiffany’s son. He’s exactly the same person who leaked the tape. We’ve several of these but we can’t share them because it’s too “dirty. We’re sorry Itz Tiffany.


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