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Woman passes on After Car Rolled Into A River While Having Sex With Boyfriend

According to a report from Russia, a woman drowned while having sex with her boyfriend in a car which rolled into a river. The unidentified woman and her boyfriend had been having a picnic and drinking by the River Kuban in Russia when they decided they wanted to make love. They went to their car which was parked near the and began having sex. Unfortunately the car handbrake wasn’t in place and the vehicle rolled into the river.
(scene from the incident above)

According to LifeNews.ru, the man was able to escape by kicking in a window, but the woman unfortunately drowned. (the river above)

A police officer told the news channel:
“It’s possible the man could not help the woman in time because of alcohol. A large number of bottles were found at the scene.”
The car has now been pulled from the water as investigations continue.

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