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My Cousin Is Addicted To Weed, Drugs

I am a regular here as a reader but not much as a writer. However some issues just came up and I will appreciate your advise on how to go by this towards a solution.

I am a single guy. 28 years old of age, should have married last year but relationship ended. I stay in my 3-Bedroom apartment alone. I don’t have much friends and I don’t enjoy the idea of people staying with me. But I broke this rule for a close cousin who is like a brother to me. For a year now he has been staying with me.

This guy is nice, no negative vices like stealing or womanizing. However I noticed he takes quite some small bottle local drinks like Orijin and some unbranded ones. I dont believe in advising a grown man so I just tell him to take it easy sometimes and joke about it.

By the way, he is 24 years old. 6 months after he began staying with me, he lost his job. I thought he would go back home and be staying but he kept staying with me.

So he would be at home 24/7 eat my food and not even contribute and this began getting irritating to me. But I kept cool. A month after that, one of my neighbors called me and told me, she doesn’t want to report to the landlord but the weed smoking has to stop.

I was surprised but she said she knows it is not me neither is she accusing but I should do something about it she has kids shes raising. Then I confronted my cousin, he denied it and when I pushed, he began getting angry and aggressive. I then took calm, I had passed my message, so even if he does it he doesn’t smoke in the house ever again.

Lately, I have been observing in this guy’s character that he has not been serious on getting a job. His dressing is becoming haggard and he borrows from me but never pays back.

Recently I got to meet this nice chic who comes and stays the weekend. So last Saturday morning, as I went to the gym she decided to do an indoor environmental of my house. When I got back the house was squeaky clean, she cleaned all the rooms.

All but some paper wraps and a transparent pack of weed on the table. She accused me of being the user when I told her it only had to be my cousin who wasnt around that day. I now went into the room I let to this guy, scanned through places he could hide more wraps so I can use as evidence so it stops it until I saw a transparent pipe with a burnt end. As in those pipes used for titration in secondary school chemistry. .

I was like do they use this for weed too, then the babe immediately shouted “chai, this one na serious case oo”. Na for cocaine o. She then corrected herself that its for crystal meth. She worked with NDLEA during her youth service and was enlightened on this. So that is how she sat me down and told me how addictive this stuff is.

After she enlightened me, I further investigated on this and even the side-effects now began giving a perfect explanation to the irresponsible lifestyle and the least concern for his appearance. I heard it is a critical issue and taking this substance regularly can permanently affect his brains. He should be coming back from Abraka in a week’s time.

This guy is family to me. We spent some childhood together and I am not ready to see him a waste. I’ll love to hear what is the best approach on this putting in mind that CRYSTAL METH ABUSE IS AN ERMERGENCY. In the meanwhile I have come to terms with the reality that the money I borrowed this guy for a small business in the past is gone. Options on hand are taking this issue to the family or trying to enforce he stops by speaking with him. I just dont know. Now is about making sure his life does not go to the dogs. Thank you.

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