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nddc probe

NDDC Probe

First, who is that woman on that probe panel, shouting, “so you were part of the 8th NASS, how dare you come here to accuse…. “

Please, who is that woman sef? Is she so naive? Lol

Akpabio was telling her that she would not understand; Akpabio was telling her that the two chairman would explain to her better… still she couldn’t understand.

Is she so naive?
Even when her chairman was pleading, “It is ok, it is ok, Hon Minister, it is ok, don’t talk again, it is ok, it is ok, Hon Minister, you can off your mic… “, yet, our woman didn’t understand.

So naive. She wanted Akpabio to scatter the table.

Now, where are those that wanted Akpabio to appear before the HoR Probe Panel? Where are those who thought that members of NASS would devour him? With what you witnessed yesterday, do you still think that anything meaningful will come out of this NASS NDDC probe? No! Nothing! They will retreat in-house and parley on how to use cocoyam leaf to cover shit. Lol

Of a truth, Akpabio’s claim of 60% of NDDC contract going to the NASS is the truth. Akpabio was also a member of the NASS, was also a governor in one of the Niger Delta states. He can’t claim not to have benefitted from the rot from when he was governor to when he was senator to this day that he is the supervising minister of the commission.

But truth however remains that the NASS members who pretend as though they were interested in probing him and the NDDC are only doing it to frustrate the forensic audit which has had been ordered by President Buhari. If Mr President hadn’t ordered that audit, the NASS would never have come up with the idea of a probe. Of course, they wouldn’t want to rustle a feather which will end up blinding them and removing their mouths from the heavy breasts of the huge NDDC cow.

This ongoing NDDC probe will end up a charade, the panel can’t indict anyone without indicting themselves and their leaders.

Can PMB simply order the immediate commencement of the forensic audit! Can there be independent panel of inquiries, majority of which members will be people from outside Niger Delta?

This is the best opportunity we have to reposition the NDDC and set a marker for other similar commissions.

Charles Kaye Okoye

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