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#RenosNuggets: Questions You Should Never Ask People

Nigerian human right activist and lawyer, Bemigho Reno Omokri has listed questions people should never ask.

The human right activist shared this on his verified Instagram page.

He wrote:

“Questions you should NEVER ask people:

When will you marry?
When will you have children?
When will you leave that your irresponsible husband/wife?

And if you notice a friend’s child looks like another man. It may be:
A coincidence
A deliberate plan, or
That you are mistaken

In any of these cases, the appropriate response, as long as you are not the ‘father’, is to gbé énu é soun and mind your own business!

Do you know how Dangote became billionaire? By minding his business. Mind your business and you may also succeed like Dangote!”

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