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Ripe plantain Vs Unripe plantain – Idongesit

I am not trying to embarrass other men but I am an activist and I put in a word for the oppressed.

Nothing in this life is more oppressed, underrated, and discriminated against like unripe plantain. People just hate that thing for no reason, actually they have a stupid reason- ripe plantain smh!

What can ripe plantain do gaan?

Is it not only to fry it?

Answer me, is it not only to free it?

Unripe plantain is versatile and bae, it can turn to kpekere, bole, mkum ukum and sauce. Unripe plantain makes the best plantain chips, it can become ator mboro(plantain porridge), it can even make a modest ekpang mboro(ekpang nkukwo with wings). Heck! Unripe plantain can be anything you want in life even a boyfriend but this one still needs more academic research.

Why do we hate unripe plantain ehn?

Why the discrimination?

Mbok, ayam not liking this stuffs.

Now, I get to the culinary duty because I discovered these little children wanted to disgrace and discriminate against unripe so I took it upon myself to fry unripe plantain and I will give you my grandma’s invention for free.

Unripe plantain is bland I know, but it is healthier than ripe plantain but how do you get children to eat it?

Make a delicious plantain chips then!

Get 4 fingers of baby unripe plantain (any vatiety would do actually but I prefer baby unripes because they are tender.)
Cut it into thin sections transversely(about 2-3ml) so they get that crisp and crunchy feel that children love.

Add a little salt, you don’t need salt in your life but then it enhances the taste of the next ingredient.

Add sugar about a tablespoon(the salt will make it more delicious)

Add about 30-40mls of melted butter. Margerine would still be okay but I’d stick to butter because it is healthier. This gives it a buttery flavour and preventing the chips from forming rouleaux while in the frying pan.

You fry for 10 minutes or thereabouts but unripe plantain is not rubbish ripe plantain so don’t wait for the black and golden brown colour of unripe plantain. Golden is okay.

The crunchiness can be ruined if you don’t bloat the oil out properly so get a bloating paper and spread your chips from the frying pan.

Allow to cool and package in transparent plastic plates with the tight lid on. Children just love this stuff because I have seen some eat my recipe of unripe plantain.

You don’t have to relegate unripe plantain to old diabetics and dying people, children can have fun with it too.

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