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How do you ex a girlfriend I no longer want?

I need to dispose  my GF however don’t know how to go about it. I’ve been striving for as long as eight months to end things up with her however she simply does not get it.

I have been tossing unpretentious signs however she’s not lifting them up. I welcomed her to the house when I knew an alternate young lady will be there however she couldn’t have cared less she didn’t part ways with me.

I don’t answer her pings until after two days and I don’t call her back  everything except she still does not get it. I know the simplest approach to end things is to converse with her and let her know it’s over yet I would prefer not to do that for two reasons. She’s my companion’s younger sister and around a year back she was about to die when she attempted to prematurely end a pregnancy for me.

So I’m here out of blame yet I am no more cheerful and need her gone. She barely sees me nowadays or even converse with me yet she continues accepting we are seeing each other. I even put on my BB that I am getting a charge out of the single life and I thought she would face me about it however she chuckled rather and said she misses me. I don’t need this young lady any longer, in what way would I be able to dispose  her without having ‘that discussion?

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