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We are learning on ooduarere ! YORUBA WORD FOR CHAMELEON??


WHAT’S THE YORUBA WORD FOR CHAMELEON?? (Pictured above/bellow)

With this approach, we have learned that:

African Star Apple is Agbalumo
Ground Hornbill is Akalamagbo
Eagle is Idi
Pouched Rat is Okete
African Teak Tree is Iroko
Grasshopper is Abutata
Bumblebee is Alabonbon
Mosquito Larva is Tanwiji
Parrot is Odidere
Tangerine is Ahoboro
Guinea Pig is Emo
Lawyer is Amofin
Television is Amohunmaworan
Gecko is Omonile
Dwarf is Arara
Sand is Iyepe
Chair is Aga
Gourd is Akeregbe
Trumpet is Kaakaki
Milk is Wara
Bald-head is Apari
Cassava is Ege
Roof is Orule
Lightning is Monamona
Squirrel is Okere
Lantern is Atupa
Mountain is Oke
Sky is Oju-Orun
Gorilla is Inaki
Herbalist is Alagbo
Mud is Erofo
Pot is Ikoko
Palmwine is Emu
Freshwater snail is Isawuru
Python is Ere
Handshake is I’bowo
Mirror is Jigi
Cowrie is Owo-eyo
Garlic is Aayu
Jewellery is Eso
Mouse is Eku
Catfish is Aro
Toad is Akere
Tiger is Ekun
Walnut is Asala
Tortoise is Alabahun
Road is Ona
Potato is Odunku
Star is Irawo
Pin is Okinni
Tamarind is Awin
Flower is Ododo
Lobster is Okasa
Ladder is Akaba
Canoe is Oko-Ojuomi
Rabbit is Ehoro
Anthill is Okiti-Ogan
Owl is Owiwi
Cloud is Ofurufu
Scorpion is Akeeke
Tilapia is Epiya

Many thanks to our members and Yoruba scholars

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