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Topn 12 Signs Your Life Is Centered Around Your Boyfriend And It Is Sickening

Have you ever been around a girl who breathes and lives because of her boyfriend?
Well, I have and it is sickening, some may say that it is because I was jealous but the wise ones would know that people who have their own lives are worth respecting. She could be your best friend, sister or any female companion in your life and every time she get’s into a relationship she acts as if she was born with this guy. Like they shared a womb (which would be disgusting) but honestly, she is annoying in every way because her life is centered around the love of her life. Here are signs that your life is centered around your boyfriend and it is sickening.


1. You have to text and call him all the time even when he doesn’t respond.
I mean, don’t you have other people you can use your airtime on. Call him all you want when you’re alone that doesn’t affect the rest of us but please with all due respect when you’re around people spend time with them and call your boyfriend later.

2. Every activity you do you must give an example of how he does it.
No one else cares sweety and if he is so good then maybe you should stick to doing it with him only. Praising your other half every once in a while is okay but every time is irritating.

3. You can’t confirm meeting your family or friends because you need to know when you two will meet first.
Surely, why did your friends and family become second class citizens. They were there before this man and if he leaves you, you will need them to listen to your problems.

4. You stopped having your own hobbies and took his instead.
All of a sudden you like football, like going fishing and you almost like beer. Please give us a break and bring the person we knew back.

5. Your social media is just of him and you yet he never even posts you.
Surely, why must your social media be flooded with pictures of you and your boyfriend? Then when we go stalk him he has photos of him golfing, swimming and hanging out with the boys. You need to style up.

6. You’re always at his place cooking and cleaning after him.
Yet you left your house or your mother’s looking like garbage.Shame on you.

7. You cannot make future goals or plans without thinking about him and you’re not even married.
How sure are you he will be there? And if he will be why can’t you still have your own dreams and hopes? You wanted to do something really important to your life but now two months into dating this guy you start telling us I can’t do this I can’t do that because of him.

8. You don’t have any friends anymore because he is enough as a friend.
Yeah you ditched your friends until the time you have issues then you run to them and they are not interested. Please do not be alarmed if we are no longer interested.

9. You obsessively think about him every second and analyze his every move.
Get a life.

10. He has at least once or twice asked you if you have other hobbies apart from him.
This is because he is tired of you crowding his space and he is giving you the hint, like we need space kind of hint.

11. You do everything to impress him at all times even when you don’t like it.
Yet he doesn’t even try that hard and you already walk around talking about the chocolates he bought for you. Meanwhile you’re even trying to speak better English for this man. Just stop it!

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