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Please help! Should I report to my Pastor about my hubby’s excess demand for s3x ?

My spouse’s sexual drive is high to the point that as his wife, I am totally worn out and tired.

He requests for sex from me like each other day and my refusal has brought on issues between us. It is not as if  I am attempting to flee from my conjugal obligations yet once in a while I simply want  him to comprehend that the rigors of work and dealing with our three little kids takes its toll on me and sex is here and there the keep going thing at the forefront of my thoughts. I may very well need to rest and as hardened as he is to, notwithstanding when he sees that I climb the bed by 11.30pm and I am to wake up by 5.30am to begin setting up the kids for school, he couldn’t care less and still requests sex from me. I am Tired. Presently I am thinking on the off chance that I ought to talk with my Pastor or his Father so they can talk with him for me. Is this a good or wrong idea?

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