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Why’re Nigerians so quick in putting all the blame on the woman in any marriage palaver?

But why are Nigerians so quick and ruthless in pouring all the blame on the woman in any relationship/marriage palaver? Funke Akindele’s husband messed up, blame it on Jenifa.

She rushed to marry. Kate Henshaw’s marriage crashes, oh, she was messing around with governors. Monalisa Chinda’s relationship with Lanre Nzeribe does not work out, label her a slut, even when Dejo Richards almost killed her with beating and she had to leave, she is still the Jezebel. Fathia and Saheed Balogun go separate ways, Fathia is the devil while Saheed is the sparkling angel. Charles Ekwu, Eucharia Anunobi’s former husband was caught sleeping with their 13-year-old housegirl, still blame it on Eucharia even if she was responsible for his welfare and upkeep. I am not done o.

Foluke Daramola marries Mr. Salako, she don wash kini for soup for him. Fred and Agatha Amata cannot stay as a couple, oh, Agatha is not a patient woman. Laide Bakare’s husband said so many evil things about her, yes, kill her without even hearing her side of the story. Lola Alao is unlucky with men, she manages to get one, oh, she is using jazz. Stephanie Okereke walked away to a better lover and husband, they are still waiting for the collapse. Why? They say Steph is arrogant. Girl wey just dey hustle her own jejely. Ini Edo opts for a divorce, oh, she is following sugar daddy, that’s why. Goriola Hassan disgraces Ayo Adesanya, his former wife and mother of his child before the whole world, oh, don’t even let Ayo speak before raining abuses on the ‘bitch’. Why do Nigerians conveniently leave the men out of all these and blame the women alone as if they are always the guilty party? Of course, I am not saying they are all saints (no one is), but why are the men always exonerated? Why is Nigeria such a misogynistic society? Even if you will judge, why not try hear from both sides?

A grown-up man like Daniel Ademonikan opened his eyes and left his wife Doris Simeon for someone else, all of a sudden, the curses rain on Stella Damasus. So why is everyone blaming her and leaving the man out of it? Did Stella put rope on his neck and raped him in the bush or what? Why is Nigeria such a paternalistic society? There is an inherent and deeply-ingrained disrespect for women at all levels. And by the way, all this noise is because these guys are rich and popular. Everyday, the marriages of shoemakers, mechanics and plumbers in our neighbourhoods crash but no one cares about them. All of una kontunu o. Just know that ‪#‎TIGO‬ in everything we do. Atimes, I wonder what Nigerians want. Mercy Johnson is single. They shout, go and marry. She falls in love, oh, she is husband snatcher. She marries. Won’t she give birth? She delivers. Why did she go to America? Why is she gaining weight….lol! Chai! Sadly, the most acidic curses against these women are not even from men.

Abiyamo !

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