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Would I ever be able to love this man ? Please help

Among the things I look out for when I’m going into any relationship is that the guy must certanly be drop dead gorgeous because I really like fine boys and I wish to be able up to know him and love him enough to not ever consider another man as fine

. However I haven’t dated anyone in the last few 36 months because those who have been coming my way aren’t that fine.

Anyway, there’s he who my Pastor just introduced me to as she’s concerned about my single status being that I’m old enough to be in my husband’s house. The guy she introduced me to is tall, a Pilot, very Godly but the thing is he isn’t fine. He says he wants to get serious with me and looks forward to us getting married nevertheless when I look at him, I don’t want to check again as he isn’t handsome. My girlfriends assert I should just manage him and that I’d develop the passion for him as time goes by. The question is, would I ever have the ability to love him and can a lady really manage a person who isn’t around her own personal standard?

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