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Pls I need your exhort on this: My Spouse feels I lied about being truly a virgin since I did not bleed initially

I’m a young person of 28 years. I’m married to a gorgeous spouse that cherishes me so much yet my issue is this. I married my hubby as a virgin however the first occasion when we made love, he was hoping to ...

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How do you control a woman who never stops talking, even during s3x?

Admin, I need you to put this to your male readers. I’m nearly divorcing my wife on the grounds that I can’t stand her nagging any longer. It is possible that I separate her or I will one day hammer her head ...

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How do I tell her she has gone too fat without hurting her feelings?

My wife had our first child 9 months ago and she has recently been developing fatter and fatter by the day. She is very emotional and I am thinking that I needed to convey to her that her new put on weight is ...

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My Hubby is driving me crazy, starves me of S3x in bed. Pls help !

Its 7 month now and have now been on s3x strike. It started like a laugh, my marriage is a year+ and I do believe he’s tired. Initially he explained he can’t have s3x with me while am pregnant, which ...

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Would I ever be able to love this man ? Please help

Among the things I look out for when I’m going into any relationship is that the guy must certanly be drop dead gorgeous because I really like fine boys and I wish to be able up to know him and love ...

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How can I get this woman back? Somebody Please help me!

I recently went on a holiday and left my fiancee in my house in Lagos. On my return I was hinted by my security guard that she’d a person inside the home during my absence and I went off the handle to the ...

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