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Highly Graphic Video: Another jungle justice in Onitsha #EndJungleJustice



Another jungle justice in Onitsha a commercial city in the heart of Anambra state. No matter what these guys stole, this is bad!!!

atch the video above

It is just unfortunate that the Nigerian Criminal Justice System is the ultimate leader of this lynching. The people on the video behaved like animals with their jungle justice. I am not surprise that there was no sight of any law enforcement officials at the scene of this horrific crime.

May be if they were around to intervene, the policemen in the area most probably, would have been included on this lynching episode.
Again, it is all as a result of an ineffective Legislative Body, judiciary branch, the court and the Police. The victim on the video were viewed as kidnappers and robbers protected by the paralyzed legal system.

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