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8 Problems Of Internet Development In Nigeria 

A nation which is seen by a lot of people as the titan of Africa, is an oil-rich nation situated on mid-Africa’s Atlantic coast, or as it is regularly portrayed, West Africa. It is the most populous nation in Africa and the eighth biggest Nation by population on the planet. In the event that Nigeria is to truly experience its desires of rising an extraordinary nation, then it can’t disregard the expanding significance of the Internet in communications, training, business and trade. As of now this noteworthiness is been reflected by the increment in the quantity of cybercafes, ISPs and various Internet based organizations in the nation.

The Internet has impelled the financial and social development of most developed countries and the same impacts are being seen in numerous developing countries. Be that as it may, as reported by Internet world details, Internet entrance in Nigeria remains at just 7.2 percent. Despite the fact that exceptionally poor for a nation priding itself as the goliath of Africa with a tremendous populace of more than 150 million individuals, its potential for development is monstrous and hence positive.

The development of Internet in Nigeria is restricted, contrasted with what is realistic in developed nations. As indicated by late overviews led by one of Nigeria’s principal techonolgy research and managment companies organizations E-shekels limited on effective engagement of the Internet for improvement, has uncovered that individuals were just prepared to utilize an innovation device on the off chance that it enhances their lives. The exploration likewise expressed that there were incredible interest for the Internet offices in Nigeria, yet because of various impediments those requests couldn’t be satisfactorily met. Some of these deterrents impeding ICT and Internet development in Nigeria are listed bellow.

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