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Esu Alaje

About Esu Alaje #EsuIsNotSatan

Aboru aboye!!! Esu Alaje is the one that we call to bring us prosperity because he is the owner of prosperity, and he will also protect the owners against all evils.

If you have a work that need to bring you clients, you will have to worship Esu Alaje to obtain them. Unlike this, we have Esu Adabo. Esu Adabo is Esu also, but he is the one that receive all the sacrifices.

Esu is the divine messenger, is the one that bring our prayers and our sacrifices to heaven, so without him nothing is possible.
Esu can help human being to have success, to have good fortune and to conquer your enemies in life. He can also protect you against any accusation in life.

According with the Odu Ifa Ofunnagbe, Ifa says: Atu yagba ami yagba iru esin goke tu yagba yagba
Adifafun atiro ese
ti un sa o rode oge le

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