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Baba Odùdúwà: How to Eliminate the “Ego”, & the need to Become Unique to GOD.

Baba Odùdúwà was Asked: How can we eliminate the ego?

Baba Odùdúwà: If the Ego and Fear is something you “feed”, How can you eliminate it? Let it starve, don’t feed your Ego. What is the way you intend to follow to success? What is success? A Brother Answers: Achieving your goals. Fallow the 16 Ifá Commandments.
Why they speak of “Achieve”? When talking about it, you are making it to be something complex and difficult to perform. How many lives you need to perform the commandments left by the Poet (the Poet refers to Òrúnmìlà). Which is your house? Which is your temple? How you keep your temple? How many times you clean your altar? Who you have in the most important Altar? How should you keep that place? When was the last time you cleaned?
Which is your temple?, Which is your True Temple?, The one that cannot be destroyed. A brother answers: the Body.

Odùdúwà: Do you think that your body belongs to you? What is the only Temple that belongs to You, and that You can call yours?

Ifalenu’s answer: Your mind, Your consciousness, because the body is lost at the moment of death, but your consciousness doesn’t die. Odùdúwà: When was the last time you cleaned? (referring to your Consciousness/Your Mind)

Tell me about the commandments: (This refers to the 16 Commandments of Ifá that Òrúnmìlà left) What is the first? 1- Don’t talk about something that you have no knowledge of.

The brother’s comment: Talking about something that you don’t know is a manifestation of the ego, which wants to show off, out of vanity.

Odùdúwà: How often you feed that one that you want be dead, (referring to the “Ego”)? How you can kill the Ego, if you cannot do it with your hands? When was the last time you fed your Ego? A brother comments: We feed the ego with what we think, with our attitudes, with the behavior.

Odùdúwà: What is the “I” (the spiritual “I”)? It’s Transcendence, is to transcend yourself. When you can say is you, when you are being manipulated by the Ego?. If I put you on spiritual Trial (right now) you would be innocent being You the judge? Anyone, any living being will considered himself innocent in his own eyes.

What is the reason for the Ego? A Brothers answer: You Must have the Ego in order to transcend the Ego.

Awo Ifalenu’s comment: The Ego is influenced by planetary forces of the Sun, Moon and Planets, hence the so called Astrological influence on the personality of each person, which is what is referred as the “Mental Zodiac” or your Astrological Programming based on the planetary influences over you at the moment of birth. They give us inclinations towards right or wrong, good and evil in this life, You need to use your Free Will and conquer those negative inclinations. That’s what you need to transcend in this life, the negative aspects of it, which is part of the personality.
Baba Odùdúwà: What’s that good for? What is the purpose of the Heart?, The purpose of the liver?, what is the purpose of the Ego? The Ego is not only that what you are talking about, the Ego is the Vainest part of GOD that remains in You. For what serves the Creation, if not to boast of it. GOD is intimately very vain. Why?

Ifalenu: God through the Creation he has done, he boasts about that, this is his divine experiment.

Odùdúwà: What is ego? Answer: The residue of the Divine within us, of Divine vanity. Who is God? According to my knowledge, my spiritual emissary’s already talk to you about it. GOD is the smallest of all or the tiniest particle that exist. What is the vanity of that particle? That something so small has created something so immense … What is the Ego? Why you celebrate? The reason why mankind celebrates is to boast of their successes. What is the Ego? What feeds? Answer: Vanity The Ego is a Food. Of What? The Ego is the food of the impulses, Why? What is the purpose of the Ego? So that you continue to exist as people, Ego – Mask/Persona.
When does the spiritual “I” manifest? Is when You Transcend? Is when you understand that your Life does Not depend on what You DO, then you will become IMMORTAL. Even without you doing “You are”.

Ifalenu comment: The ego is the one who wants to Become a Millionaire, wants to conquer Mount Everest, Do this or Do that, I want to do this or that.

Odùdúwà: To reach the Top Unwittingly, to be on the Top But Not FEELING BEING ON THE TOP, the Key is to DO IT but do Not let that Dominate You, your abilities Don’t alter You, and You Never become (neither think that You become) Superior to God Himself.

Ifaenu: That’s what exactly happened with OLOSI, who wanted to “believe” He was more than God (Olófin Òrun) himself.
Note by Awo

Ifalenu: Olófin Òrun created OLOSI, who later perverted himself and was punish by Olófin Òrun. (OLOSI = Owner of the Left Path, the Evil Side, the character later known as Samael / Lucifer in other traditions, the “Fallen Angel” this is part of the Esoteric Yoruba that Odùdúwà is revealing)

Odùdúwà: Then God already won by the simple fact that HE Exist, HE IS already. Doing or not Doing HE is. God is so great/magnificent that He doesn’t need to Do to makes his job, because HE have you to do it for Him.

Ifalenu: Hence the Humility, You do but without that altering your basic state, it doesn’t make you believe You are more than anyone.

Odùdúwà: If still you did it, You did it because God wanted it that way, but HE wanted it through You (Through oneself).

Ifalenu: One is a manifestation of God.

Odùdúwà: So You see how perfect HE is.

Ifalenu: What we do is the will of God through us. So there is a saying: My Father, Your Will be done and not mine.

Odùdúwà: I’m here to Do Your Will (that is what you should say consciously).

Ifalenu: Doing the Will of God and not the will of other people or groups of people.

Odùdúwà: So scientists can go and boast of all they do; many do not know that The God wanted it through them, and that’s how destiny is written.

Ifalenu: As the development of the novel that God himself wanted to make, or play, we all act in his work. Odùdúwà: At what point You become an “I”? How much I have done. How much I have done without doing anything.
Odùdúwà: How much I have done without doing it? How many kilometers am I of the Galaxy? How many follow my religion (Yoruba Tradition) without me doing nothing? I have not had the need to move myself. The “I” is the Most Sublime aspect that man can aspire, comparable to God in one self, with the Power of God.

Ifalenu: To Realize God in One Self.

Ifalenu’s question: Within the Yoruba tradition there was a term to refer to the Sublime “I”?

Odùdúwà: Yes, is “OLOFIN”.

Ifalenu: Hence that’s why the following Spiritual Power in the Yoruba Genesis: OLÓFIN ÒRUN, OLÓFIN AYÉ, OLÓFIN ODÙDÚWÀ, and OLÓFIN ÈLÀ. Olófin Òrun is the Realized “I” of Creation, and He was the One who Consciously Created the Universe.
OLOFIN AYÉ is the Realized Human that is the Highest Soul direct Son of God or Olófin Òrun on a planet or galactic area. This Spiritual Title is Esoterically given to Baba Odùdúwà, He is our Olófin Ayé, that is why also is some “Ese Ifá” (Ifá verse of the 256 Odù) he is called Olófin

Odùdúwà: That term (Olófin Ayé) also has the esoteric meaning of the Owner of the Secrets of the World. Olófin Òrun means the Owner of the Secrets of the Universe. This is based on what Baba Odùdúwà and his Spiritual Emissaries have told us before.
Odùdúwà: For what you are living for?, if at the end of your days, you all end the same, Dead. What is the meaning of life?

Ifalenu: It is through the experience of life that we all learn.

Odùdúwà: What is the meaning of Your life?

Ifalenu: Doing God’s will.

Odùdúwà: So that’s how you expect to become an “I”? What is the direction of your life?

Ifalenu: We do in this episode of life to be able to realize and be aware. Odùdúwà: Those who follow me have to understand the truth of this life. You are not here to live and die like the others humans. I Just feed your Ego…

Comment by Ifalenu: May this doesn’t affect you, so doesn’t inflate your ego.

Odùdúwà: What is the significance/transcendence of your life?
So you can see the magnificence of God, you just have to see how the Human Being has modified the Creation. That’s Not Transcendental, what is Transcendental is the application of it.
How Transcendental You want your life to be? Answer by members of the Egbé: A lot.

Odùdúwà: What are you doing to leave your mark or your footprint on this Earth? To Live and have ancestry and descent, that’s not Transcendental, the Transcendental is what you do in your life, and for whom you do it…

Ifalenu: It’s done for God … May Thy Will be done and not mine.

Odùdúwà: What are the most beautiful flowers? The most beautiful flowers even thou they may lack beauty, are the ones that are the strangest. How can you be beautiful before the eyes of God?

Ifalenu: Being strange, unique…

Odùdúwà: What is the common life?

Ifalenu: When you live like others, unconsciously, asleep or dead alive.

Odùdúwà: How you can become Beautiful before the eyes of HIM who has Everything (referring to God)?
May your life will never be the same as the life of other common people. How many of you are making a difference? Give me examples of how you are marking something different. How much you want to look beautiful before the eyes of HIM (God- Olófin Òrun)? How long you need to transcend in this lifetime? Only sighs are needed. I think you do not understand what I’m saying. What you are bound to do by being my children?

Ifalenu: To be different and make a difference in this life.

Odùdúwà: I promised GOD (OLÓFIN ÒRUN) that I was going to deliver a bunch of “Flowers” you will ever find in the universe (by being so strange). You are going to help me give that to GOD? What are you doing to be able to do that? What makes you different from others? How many have executed my word?
How many have look at the universe wondering if what I am saying is the Truth of life? How many of you have taken the decision to do your Spiritual Realization? What were the results?
No need to ask who did it, but just by looking at the result I in your life I will know … Sister says: I tried Father.

Odùdúwà: Stop trying, Do … Your faithfulness to me is the greatest of treasures. But I do not want my treasures to be seen as gold. I want to show “stones” that nobody has (“strange stones”).
I know you so much that even though I love you, but I hope this doesn’t make you different before my eyes.
Enter into my mind and try to decipher, at least in my eyes you will become different from all those who follow what I say, Do you understand? Give me something that nobody else can contribute. How many can praise God? How many can contribute to His cause? What have You contribute to God? What have given Him that HE doesn’t have?

Ifalenu: bring Him something odd and exceptional.

Odùdúwà: In this life the Great Ones are not those who magnify the King, but those who take His reign to success. What would you give to God? What God gives you?

Ifalenu: Bringing to Success His Teaching.

Odùdúwà: God is so perfect in His Great Wisdom, what we can give to make it even more perfect? I reiterate my position; you do not understand what I’m talking about. The wind is and will be the wind, since it blows every day. When will something different emerge? Why are you praising God by through the Wind, Fire, through the Rain? To Do something new for you.

Ifalenu: By realizing that there was something beyond that controlled it, a Consciousness, in the rain -the rain god, in the Fire – the God of Fire, etc …

Odùdúwà: When Science taught you (Humans), you abandon to Praise Him (to God).

Ifalenu: Because for them turned up to be commonplace, explicable by science.

Odùdúwà: I want that nobody could ever be able to explain you, and then I will fulfill my promise, You know? What Dogma (Teaching) you have on you?

Ifalenu: We have been taught the dogma that our parents, school, society and religion have provided us.

Odùdúwà: What makes you special?

Ifalenu: The inquisitiveness. The search for something beyond the ordinary.

Odùdúwà: Do you understand what I mean?

Ifalenu: The human quest for knowledge, which has become a science.

Odùdúwà: And what do you do with that? Atomic Bombs many did with that knowledge. What do you do?

Ifalenu: I meditate, think about it …

Odùdúwà: I resolve your life with small phrases. Are you willing to resolve it? How much? Never put your hand on the mouth of a Dog, if you do not trust the dog. What do you understand? So easy it can be, if you want to contradict me, go ahead, Do you know understand? My Emissary is nothing more than a conduit of My Word, he is the Tiger (Feline) I have beside me to defend myself. Omo ÒFÚN – Son of ÒFÚN, my emissary. I’m so sure of him, that he refutes my word to defend something that is very valuable to me, you know of whom I speak? Tata G, dared to refute my word, in order to let my heart keep beating, What best friend can I have? That made him different, that made him a small unique single flower. Even the Yoruba Elders will follow me, even the Kings will follow me. He marked the difference. Who of those here can tell me that your life is different from others? Answer: Being here with you that makes us different.

Odùdúwà: Among all those present and absent, who lives different from others? If I had a heart, you would have broke my heart with those words. I could never stop looking at the reality that you always will accompany me and I will be with you as well, as the tip of the spear after being made of stone became of metal, I want you to be the tip of that spear, not of metal, you know what I mean?

How much love your children? Do all want the same? Sister said: I will be lying if I said that I love all the same way, everyone is different. Odùdúwà: That’s what I want you to be to God, Different. Even after dead, they still are looking for my place. You know what it is to struggle with that, in life and in death. Are you sure of what you can do? That’s where you will lose, I (Odùdúwà) I never imagined being where I am. Never imagine what you can become, have No Limits … Do you understand? Do you understand what I mean? Beyond that, You, as well as the world and mankind, none has limits. The difference is marked by those who go beyond, that is Immortality, you know what I mean? When you live your life and the length of time, GOD measure’s you, and GOD will test you, What is your sacrifice?. What is your sacrifice as group? Each recital that l throw through the wind is a codex of life, Who will decipher it? When you have so much time to look and admire the smallest, most outstanding and even the largest and absolute being, you understand the Truth of Life. What can You give to God that HE does not have?

Ifalenu: My experience that is unique. Odùdúwà: If you had not been you, it would have been someone different with another name, another appearance but the same experience. Does God created us to destroy ourselves trying to be Him? There is a way to reach the most sublime of HIS Consciousness without being destroyed, do you understand?

Ifalenu: No believing that You are more.

Odùdúwà: What else? Who have had dreams and made then a reality? Devoid of Vanity and different from the others, so you should be.

Odùdúwà questioned a troubled young man: Why do you use fear as protection? And then if you consider believe that you will never have a family, and that you can never create anything, this is where you kill yourself. When your body is so faded you cannot move, do you have the ability to stop time? The Young Man answers: No Odùdúwà: And then because you go against him? You’ll never be able to beat a river, Why you swim against it? Or you’re very sure of who you are, or that you lack completely of it.
Which of the two answers is the correct answer? The Young Man answers; I do not have it.

Odùdúwà: And why you don’t search for that? The Young Man answers: is that I could not do it.

Odùdúwà: What is life all about?

Young Man: looking for a purpose.

Odùdúwà: What is that moves the universe?

Young Man: One’s decision.

Odùdúwà: The will of the universe itself. I combine it with simple verses. What would be your fate?

Young Man: Something good.

Odùdúwà: When are you leaving that darkness?

Young Man: As soon as possible,

Odùdúwà: Then my word was done. If you go out tomorrow, I will see the Shining Light on your face, and if you do not, you will watch yourselves as you decompose into the hole you are into. So simple is the universe. Do not think you’re different from the others, you know?

Young Man: “The Young man begins to cry”

Odùdúwà: What do you clean with those tears? What is the difference between cruelty and kindness? Answering the young do not know. Odùdúwà: The Heart, I lack this, your Actions Move the Universe. When are you going to move your universe? The Young Man answers: Don’t no. Odùdúwà: I could shout from the rooftops to the four winds that’s what I hope, but the answer is, what’s what you expect…
The universe will keep moving, like that of all present here, even if your universe does not move. You understand? The Young Man answers Yes

Odùdúwà: What do you understand? The Young Man answers: What I have to do.

Odùdúwà: Where will you want to be when they bury that body? I will make a colder question. Where do you want to be when they bury your mother?

Young Man: Don’t know.

Odùdúwà: Looking at your sister? Just that? What does your mother mean to you?

Odùdúwà: you don’t want to give her a proper burial? Until when? Until you will have her in a cold box? You do not understand that times of mourning have passed, you were little, and you’re now big and can defend yourself. Now is time for You to understand. The day of Tomorrow when I look again at You, I hope you do not have your eyes tack toward the floor. You understand?

Young Man: Yes Odùdúwà: What do you understand?

Member of the Egbé’s answer: That he is having insecurity in his life


Odùdúwà question to the boy’s mother: How would you like to be buried by your son? Answering the mother; In a Big way.

Odùdúwà: Neither your tears, or the tears of my Sublime affection will move me from where I am. I do not suffer with you, but I can help you find the cure to that suffering you have. Stop hiding in the dark. Only the unfortunate people are intended to hide in the shadows. So that easy is to give someone the key to reach understanding of their situation, how many do it? You will swear right now, to make sure you’re going to do, that`s called Free Will, it is your decision not mine. My reign and my empire will continue even if you sit in a corner to lament your misfortune. You understand?

Young ManYes

Odùdúwà: What do you understand? And where you stand? Stop waiting because there you’re going to die. Do it now, I’m not expecting you. You understand? I didn’t come to prostrate myself, I took what was mine, and you know what I mean? How much do you think I can claim in this world? What I want. What can you claim? Whatever you want in life claim it. Do not think like a loser, if not you will live and die as such, you know what I mean?

Young Man: Yes

Odùdúwà: What do you understand? You are not a fool, When are you going to stop to demerit yourself? That is what I’m talking about, why do not you understand? To the place you go to that professes this religion or tradition, you will always hear about Crowns. There is no greater Crown than the one you put yourself over your head. You understand?
So If I live 100 years, my word and the word of my Emissary will pursue you, until you want to erase it from your life. Do you understand? That’s the key to life, that’s what I’m talking about. Do not go out tomorrow and don’t be like the others. Have something to offer to life. Work, all work. Suffering, everyone suffers. Is that what you want to offer Him- God? How many feel different from him, and how many feels like him? This is what the Patriarch wants. Anyone who would come to see Me in my kingdom, they could not enter if they didn’t bring me their offerings, you understand? So small and insignificant compared to its vastness, How could I go to his kingdom with nothing to give. So now I hope my children will judge him. Who can do that? You do not understand that in the same way you are, there are many more like you. You do not understand that no one has words to judge you, and even you live lamenting yourself. Do not be so deplorable that give misery. When people feel sorry for you, that is the food of your ego to make you get up. Do not listen to my word, my word is not the truth, do you make it the truth … you understand?

I know and understand the mechanics of the universe and only two reactions could happen from this; 1. Nothing 2. Or you wake up Make my word Truth. When you want to stop hurting me, tell me why should I. It is an emotion that corresponds to him, does That makes him worthy of mercy?

Who will be the next target? Who has not been able to succeed in his life? You have gone a little to my heart. Put something in front of me something that you love a lot. Sometimes you wonder, Why those who trust in many as a blessing, you consider it a curse. Why did God give you such power? Do you understand the infinity of life? Do not thank me, with your Victoria is more than enough … I hope so, do it.

How ready you feel to say goodbye to this world? What is what I am going to Weigh when I have you in my hands? How able to make a difference you feel?

Who would like me to weigh his/her heart right now? The life of man is like a fish hook, they live tongue tied.

You consider GOD to be a merciful God, but when GOD asks you about your life (after death) God will have no mercy upon you. What have you done to your life? And why you have not done in your life? Why you veer your life into the void? Who tells you and ensures you that tomorrow your life will not end? What have you done with it? Why you all not asked me to be judged right now? Because you all don’t feel prepared? xxxx When does one stop being a slave? At the moment one becomes stronger than the person who enslaved you.

Ifalenu Omoifa


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