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Top 5 Kitchen Appliances You Can’t do Without

Top 5 Kitchen Appliances You Must have !

Whether you are in a top class or middle-class family, you will find certain home appliances you’ll need in your home. This really is as they are highly useful and helps complete your home. So, below are able to trust, ...

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5 Smartphone Tricks To Make You More Productive

Many people have smartphones but they only use them to surf social media-Facebook, Instagram. What they do not realise is that their smartphone can do much more than surfing the internet. You can use to become more productive. As such, ...

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Bad Phone Battery

Signs of a Bad Phone Battery

Smartphones are very useful and we can barely do without it. They perform many functions and make our lives simpler. However, these devices or gadgets can cause a lot of pain and frustration when their batteries begin to decline. It ...

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Check Out Top 10 Scholarships In Belgium For International Students

Belgian Government Scholarships for International Students »   Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) Scholarships and Traineeships The Belgian Development Agency offers scholarships for students from 18 partners’ countries of the Belgian development cooperation.  The scholarships support (master and doctorate) studies, internships, trainings, study ...

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Top 22 Scholarships For Outstanding International Students

Check Out Top 22 Scholarships For Outstanding International Students

Although not all, most scholarship programs are merit-based meaning scholars are chosen predicated on academic merit or in others forms such as for example leadership, athletic, or artistic merits.  Merit-based scholarships are now and again called excellence scholarships because it ...

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Our Afrocentric teachers’ claim about slave trade

It’s a very untrue notion to suggest that Portuguese traders sailed the tiring distance to force Africans into slavery! Our Afrocentric teachers would claim Africans were innocently captured into slave ships but the itsekiri have a good story-telling history and perhaps ...

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Baba Odùdúwà: How to Eliminate the “Ego”, & the need to Become Unique to GOD.

Baba Odùdúwà teaches: How to eliminate the “Ego”, and the need to Become Unique to GOD(Olodumare). Teaching given by Baba Odùdúwà through its “Elègún” (medium) in October 2015 at “Egbé Ódùn Olófin” – The Spìritual Family of Olófin’s Secret Teaching given ...

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Are You A Genuis? Can You Solve This Fruit Maths

Are you a genuis can you solve this fruits maths If yes then whats your answer. See the full photo after the page break.

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What is the Yoruba Word for Buffalo ?

We are learning on Omo Oodua! . Today…… WHAT’S THE YORUBA WORD FOR BUFFALO (Pictured) With this approach, we have learned that: African Star Apple is Agbalumo Ground Hornbill is Akalamagbo Eagle is Idi Pouched Rat is Okete African Teak ...

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