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Behold an Economic Terrorist

A man tasks his brain to write a story. He goes to the bank or friends or both to raise funds. He commits himself to so much debt to finance his dream of a good movie, hit stardom, and make good money in the process.

He gets an excellent crew at a great cost.

Together they spend sleepless nights putting the film. It is beautiful work and success is achieved through hard work. It was then only a matter of taking the films to cinemas to make money, recoup costs, and achieve profit and stardom.

But Amaechi Okeke is in Alaba International Market working hard to destroy the poor man’s dream.

He had ZERO INVESTMENT in the intellectual property. He had ZERO INVESTMENT in the cost of production. He had ZERO INVESTMENT in the various risks of the venture.

All he does is to get enough DUBBING MACHINES, ENOUGH CDs, AND PLENTY OF HIS KINSMEN WHO ARE APPRENTICES and he was in business.

He will make copies of that production run to the market and begin to sell at prices that the original owners can never compete against. At the end of the day the ORIGINAL OWNER is in debt but AMAECHI OKEKE is in money.

The original owners will start selling his properties to defray debts and Amaechi Okeke is the same person to whom he will sell the properties.

It is called PIRACY, IT IS A CRIME.

The same thing they did with BOOK AUTHORS and soon nobody was writing books anymore.

If you ever produce anything that catches the market, the IGBO ZIONISTS will get the IMITATION, destroy your efforts and they will make far more money than you in the process

This is what the ZIONISTS have been doing to Yoruba people in Yoruba land since the 1980s.

It is what they did to Adebowale Electrical Industries, Oluwalogbon Motors, All our Pharmaceuticals, and the majority of the companies that folded up in the SW INDUSTRIAL AREAS.

They simply IMPORTED MASS-PRODUCED IMITATIONS OF THEIR PRODUCTS and those companies could never compete and had to go down.

Those once vibrant companies went under and had to lay down their staff, the majority of them Yoruba people who were once prosperous. They started selling their properties.

The ZIONISTS made money and they started buying from the same men who they had engineered into POVERTY.


It is what they have been doing since the early 1980s masquerading as TRADING and now they have advanced from Lagos into Ogun State and steadily destroying the people there and buying up their spaces.

And the population of the ZIONISTS are growing heavily under your noses and their sole ambition is to buy up your space while making money destroying you!!!

Àwon Asiwèrè èdá.

But the Yoruba people will never understand it as what it is – TERRORISM – but see it as competition and even join the ZIONISTS to accuse themselves of being lazy.

I fear for Yoruba land.

© Adedamola Adetayo
23 August 2023

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