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Borrowing from the IG Police.

A “certain” Julie A Dyer, who until this morning was my very good friend on facebook, who also goes by the alias “Nina Peters” on the same platform tried to get under my skin. In reaction to my personal opinion and disapproval of some of the goings-on in the country especially with respect to the sealing up of a political party office by the police, she posted the following “Celestine Mel, the sick. Still wavering back and forth. Hope you find your location one day.”

I intended to talk to her by PM, but I just discovered that she removed me as friend. It means she’s very vexed by my uncompromising position on many issues. My stance on the shenanigans in our polity is purely a matter of principle. I was brought up by a strict disciplinarian father who condoned no evil; who taught me to speak out against ANY evil anywhere there is one. He also told me that I have a very short time to live on earth and that I should strive to do good to all manner of men, muslim or christian, black or white, short or tall, educated or illiterate. My father taught me the to stand firm on the side of what is right, and never to waver or be afraid when I am convinced that I am on the right path. He was a teacher of men and the church. He was honest yet human. And I have no reason howsoever to doubt him.

29 years after his demise, I cannot but continue to thread on that path of honesty and rectitude and passion for a better society that he spent all his live trying to build. I was one of the earliest apostles of the “breath of fresh air” mantra in 2011. I divorced myself of that “scam” as soon as the beneficiaries unconscionably and most “i-don’t-give-a-damn-ly” struck to increase the pump price of fuel in January 2012! That action directly impoverished me and left me sulking and regretting. I felt scammed and violated! I felt betrayed. I felt “used”. I felt let down. And I wasted no time in saying so. I also went ahead to remove myself from the “online-war-forum” that “we” used in championing that course. I knew that everything was built on the quicksands of falsehood and deceit.

In between, I have realized that the ruling class in our country does not care about anyone except themselves! Some of them mean well, but find themselves captive in the hands of people who deliberately tell them lies! And if you ever dare to hold a different opinion, they blackmail you and brand you an opposition “janjaweed” that must be crushed! The leaders hold them in very high esteem!
Those who know me personally would attest to the fact that I am completely apolitical! My desire is a decent society where my children can live in peace and freedom, and be free to chase their dreams anywhere. Each time the tom-toms of war are sounded, I fear and cringe. Because I sadly have not yet acquired any other citizenship in this world apart from my Nigerian passport! It means that if this country erupts in crises, I and my family would be at direct risk! The reason I “waver” against falsehood and lies.


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