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De-dolarising the Economy: Is crashing Oil Price a Blessing or setback for Nigerians ?

I have once predicted his happening. When they kill the oil price with the hope of killing the economies of some strong-head countries like Nigeria that won’t bow completely to their Puppetry Economic polices, this will boomerang on mainly our government officials that gets 70% of its revenue from Oil and also on Dollars.

Now the Oil price is crashing, is it good  or bad for Nigerians  ?

This type of Dedolarising the economy will be the next thing our leaders will be doing and in turn provide jobs for people so as to tax them to continue to sponsor their regime. This is diversyfying the economy that has 90% of its foreign revenue being Oil and sold in Dolar.

Diversyfying the economy will create massive jobs for the youths and in turn taxation will generate income for the Goverment as major source of revenue. This is bad for Dollars and good for Nigerians on the long run.

The last time I was surprised when Saraki visited made in aba stuffs and now Akpabio goes for medical check up at Ibom Multi Special Hospital . Also buying  Innoson cars trended online for some time. I would say this is the way forwar but it will be tough before it gets better.
Now, is crashing oil price a blessing or setback for Nigerians ? Lets hears what you think in the comment box bellow.

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