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Egungun Song

Check out this Interesting Egungun Song !

“There are some things about songs, expecially traditional songs, they are not just songs but vital messages that you will need to sit and break down to understand them.

Last week, i was interviewed and ask that how can our traditional belief be of benefit to our country as a whole.

We’ve forgotten that to make a country better, their are ways it’s done.  Look at this Egungun song, digest it and try to break it down yourself. Lot of treasures, message and knowledge are hidden in Ifa, it’s time we start unraveling them:

Bí ìlú dùn
Bayi laa sè’lú
Ìlú ì bá dùn
Bayi laa sè’lú
Atókùn má jà
Mo fi baba bè é
Aláàgbáà, alagba làgbá
Otí yìí dùn, mo se mún
Inú ùn mí dùn
Mo se wá
Bíì wó mò, so le só?

If a country is good
There is a way they make it good
If a country is not good
There is a way to make it work
Atókun(the man following Egungun) please do not fight
I beg you with the name of my father
Aláàgbáà, you are a leader and elder
This drink is sweet, that’s why I’m drinking it
I’m so happy
That’s the reason why I’m here
If you know, can you say?

I will be analyzing this song and other Egungun, Sango and Yemoja on saturday. To be part of this class, contact Jose Rodriguez to register. Ire ooo”

Egungun Song

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