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Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Photos: Erin Ijesha Waterfall, Ilesha-Akure Road in Osun State. (Olumirin)

Erin Ijesha Waterfall is one of the greatest gifts of nature in the world which testified that there is no end to God creative mysteries. It is not a gainsaying that the waterfall is one of the wonders God has endowed the human race with.

The waterfall is 2km off Erin Ijesha town, Oriade Local Government and lies 20km East of Ilesha on the Ilesha-Akure Road in Osun State.
There are different versions of stories to the establishment of the waterfall, according to a source, when it was first discovered, the waterfall was said to have a look of a mysterious creature so no one dared move near it for fear of being swallowed up.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

It was believed to be a living spirit with several openings through which water gushed out; a very tall and huge spirit whose height reached to the high heavens. The inhabitants , thereafter, named the fall “Olumirin” meaning another god whose power over the whole area was only similar to Akinla, the Founder of Erin Ijesha town.

While some school of thought believed that the waterfalls exude from a big pot located at the top of the ridge, on the other hands, some quarters also disclosed that the final ritual rites for any crown king is to climb the first layer of the ridge to the seventh one.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

However, the fact remains that this work of nature is beyond human comprehension.
As earlier said, Erin Ijesha waterfall popularly known as “Olumirin” has about seven layers (steps) and only few visitors can climb beyond the second layer. The area can also well serve for mountaineering exercise and also provides water to the community. The breeze at the waterfall is cool and refreshing. The water flows among rocks and splashes down with great forces to the evergreen vegetation around.

The general appearance of the natural surrounding is extremely interesting, while the full flow of the waterfall could be seen during the rainy season. Amazingly, it doesn’t look like anything out of this world until you begin climbing the levels of the ascending plains of the waterfalls.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

The view at all the levels is wonderful and the freshness of the water is energizing but wait until you reach the last and seventh level as a torturous climber which is the most intriguing.
Visitors to Olumirin Waterfalls go away not only appreciating the work of nature, one also find it difficult to understand how Nigerian government could possibly be sitting on such a goldmine as a tourist centre without making conscious efforts to explore and, indeed, dig up the waiting gold.

Research painstakingly conducted by Mega Icon Magazine shows that the waterfall is situated within latitude 7°30’ and 8°45’ North and longitude 4°31’ and 5°East, it is one of the very few water bodies where fresh prawns thrive and which has some feel of wildlife with thick forest.

The gigantic ridges constitutes a conspicuous eye-catcher for every traveler along the Ilesa-Akure expressway, as it towers into the distant skyline, forming a spectacular backrest for the sleepy towns of Erin-Oke, Erin-Ijesha and Erinmo respectively.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

For most tourists and fun seekers, climbing up to the third level can best be equated to climbing through the snowy steeply Mount Everest.

Furthermore, the view at all the levels is wonderful and the freshness of the water is to strengthen the visitors. However, the place to be is the seventh level, though it is stressnous to climb, but definitely the most intriguing. Not only does it lie at the peak of the falls, it also hosts a settlement where many of its inhabitants have lived for several decades.

First time tourist at the waterfalls on several occasions unconsciously starts to number the waterfalls from the last drop (the base of the ridge) as it is the first of all the falls to be encountered when visiting; whereas the numbering is supposed to be from the top. Nevertheless, going by layman’s standard, the seventh drop of the waterfalls is the origin and the first waterfall.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

The first cascade plummets through a narrow opening in a cluster of luxuriant tree trunks blanketed in dark green leafage, down a steeply folded rock face of about ten meters in height. Like a rain of a million limpid pins, the showers descend and inundates huge boulder reposed at its plunge pool below.

Fallen logs of wood laid dank in the pool and out-flowing stream channel. The air hung muggy with a heavy smoke of splashed water droplets. The sight sparks the first fire of excitement that pervades the veins of any visitor at the falls. The refreshing ambience is further thickened when one ascends the steep rocks to explore the other stages of the waterfalls.

The second cascade is the most gigantic of all, with the waters diving down a 40m-high cliff. The copious plunge is most spectacular in the rainy season when the stream channel is at its flooding levels. Its plunge pool forms a shallow swimming pool for visitors at the site who are lucky and brave enough to get to the second fall.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

Before the climb up, the waterfalls is quite intimidating and assiduous, as there are no steps constructed or clear paths made up the ridge slopes, except depressions and projections on the surface, as well as roots and branches of huge trees, forest climbers and shrubs along the paths, which serves as hand and foot holds for the adventurous tourist.

Nevertheless, the ascent of the enormous ridge is most rewarding, as one is treated to dazzling and panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape, depicting the true natural beauty of the Nigerian landmass.

Another great attraction at the waterfalls is the Ajebandele Abake village, a rustic enclave located at the top of the colossal ridge. The name “Abake” is a Yoruba word which is a combination of two other Yoruba words: “Aba” “Oke”, meaning “the village on the top”, suggesting the location, of the small village.

A tourist ascending the ridge from the waterfalls will have to climb for about two hours before getting to Abake settlement. The village is said to be in Effon Alaaye local government, Ekiti State, hence ,the villagers refer to their settlement as Effon Alaaye. The village basically consists of twelfth century mud houses and the main occupations are farming, gari processing (using local method), cocoa cultivation and moi moi leaf cultivation as they are found in great numbers on the ridge.

The inhabitants of this village are accommodating, they make one feel happy when they see people beating the heights of the enormous ridge in order to visit their remote enclave.

Exciting activities at Erin-Ijesha waterfalls tourist resort includes: Swimming, base jumping (new potentials), rock climbing; bird and game watching to mention but a few.

It is necessary that more tourist facilities such as good road, electricity supply, escalators etc., if provided will place Olumirin Waterfalls on the pedestal of one of the choicest tourist resorts in the World.

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin

Presently, the people of Erin Ijesha are frequently paying a glowing tribute to the Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who has committed himself to develop the tourist centre to the admiration of the world by constructing steps from the entrance up to the second layer, building of tourist Chalets and working tirelessly to give the environment a befitting facelifts and other construction works still ongoing.

Most interesting thing is that when one is descending from the seventh layer, the inhabitants of Abake village will definitely presents you with various farm produce as gifts and the moi moi leaves which indicates and confirms one’s victory of completing the ridges successfully.

Visiting the awe-inspiring falls, known as Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls is a life time experience and is open to tourists throughout the year. Similarly, the water is said to be capable of healing many ailments such as headache, stomach-ache and skin diseases.

People are said to come from all over the country to fetch the water, which they use for curative purposes.
Thinking of where to spend the weekend after a hectic hassling and bustling week? Are you a tourist seeking fun and adventure in a land as blessed as Nigeria? Then Erin Ijesha Water Fall is a place to visit for a whole new experience with nature, it makes you to appreciate the work of nature more than ever, it is a mystery, strange but true.


The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin


Photo Credit: Irene Beckers

Article Credit: Egbe Omo Obokun of Ijesaland – Doha Qatar.

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