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Press Release: Establishment Of Christian Courts Not A Good Idea – Satguru Maharaj Ji

The recent move to establish Christian courts in Nigeria imitates the myopia and skewed thinking that has led many countries to the blast-furnace of misfortune at the mercy of religious crises. Those pushing for what is otherwise known as Ecclesiastical Courts should expose themselves more to genuine and objective world history than sentiments. Where on earth has religion ever constituted the drive of national or empire greatness? They should ask themselves how Sharia (the Muslim counterpart of their Dark Age concept) has helped Northern Nigeria conquer backwardness and anguish!

Wise people avoid the errors and wrongs of other humans. I urge the likes of Major General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd), Professor Wole Soyinka and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to intervene. They need to be brought in against this blind course! The elevation of so-called Christian jurisprudence to the status of a State concern amounts to embracing the ignorance that birthed Sharia to Northern Nigeria where the Sharia legacy has not exceeded and cannot exceed the production of amputees and escalated feudal oppression!

The welfare of the entire people of Nigeria should be of paramount interest to Nigerian leaders, not religion. Religion has no connection with development. The degradation of Nigeria to the pedestrian status of an anti-intellectual society has inevitably isolated most Nigerians from the rays and shine of critical thinking. Otherwise, it would have been within the mental reach of pro-Christian-court Nigerians to ask if the success of Japan was birthed or propelled by Christianity or its questionable jurisprudence. Indeed, it would have been possible for them to connect with the wide developmental differential between Christian Africa and Christian Europe or recognize the disparities between Islamic Africa and Islamic Middle East. Is not the same Mohammed and Allah that are being chanted in Kuwait, UAE and Nigeria? Why are Arab countries prosperous, why are Africa’s Muslim societies and countries wretched? Is Allah a racist? Or does Mohammed turn deaf ears to Africans? If yes, why?

Same way, Christians should ask: how come Europe which is less religious than Christian Africa enjoys profound progress? Does Jesus love Europeans and Israelis much more than Nigerians? Why is omni-potent and omni-present God allowing abject poverty to waste lives across Christian Africa?
God and progress are no prerogatives of religion. God dwells in every human by natural design. He is The Source and Propeller of any kind of progress whose divine presence in man makes it imperative for leaders to invest in the welfare of human-beings, not in the promotion of religion. God is not a Christian. He is not a Muslim. He is neither a Buddhist nor a Hindu. He is Light and Love! What Nigeria needs to be able to manifest its great destiny is love among its people. Where love pervades Nigeria across tribe, gender, class and creed, God will naturally manifest His glory in every facet and endeavour of our society.

China is neither a Christian nor Islamic country. Yet it is prosperous and feeds the weak economy of Mohammed-calling and Jesus-chanting Nigeria! Brazil has no Ecclesiastical Court and ranks far higher than our fanatically religious country on the development ladder. Our precious resources should not be wasted on the creation of courts that have no bearing with the critical needs of our people. Nigerians needs decent housing, stable electricity supply, good roads, proper schools and more. They need to survive decently and respectably. They need food on their tables, clothes on their backs! They want to see and enjoy God. A first step to making contact with God is reverence for our native deities who work in sync with The Almighty. The money being used to pursue this Christian court project should be used to take care of our long-abandoned deities.

Religion has always watched our poor masses declining on the ladder of fortune while allowing its leaders to amass material wealth by exploitation in Jesus name and by Islamic decree! Mohammed (Abdulkareem) and ‘Jesus’ (Oluorogbo) are two of the near-countless direct incarnations of God that the world has hosted. The divine knowledge they revealed to their followers is what is being secretly used by Japan, China and other wealthy nations to prosper themselves. It is the same divine knowledge that I reveal and which has been used repeatedly to save Nigeria from serial threats and imminence of war!

The Christian church idea is not progressive. It should be jettisoned sooner than later.
My Love and Blessing

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