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Have You Been Betrayed Before? Share Your Story, You Might Heal (This is mine)

People will betray you, you can’t escape it. What is more important is that you come out Better

Have you being betrayed before? Share your story, you might heal

Use share so others can learn

While I was working for a company. I got diagnosed of a kidney infection and was admitted in the hospital for two weeks. I was staying with my father’s elder sister at the time because my parents were here in Abuja

Two weeks of constant drugs,drips and injections on my *you know* and guess what, my aunt and her family never came to visit for one day. My friends(even tho I didn’t have a lot of them) were too busy to come see me. No company representative to pay me a visit.

Everyday I would walk to the little store close to the hospital to buy biscuits and yoghurt because no one would bring them to me.

Betrayal hurts so bad because it never comes from strangers but those of your household.

This is why I recommend people live like they are alone on this planet. Have zero expectations. Any human can become anything at anytime.When u expect so much from people, betrayal is inevitable. Live ur life without expectations.

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