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Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood

See Herbal Cure for Vomiting Of Blood (Hematemasis)

What are the causes of hematemasis?
As I said above simplicity of language will be use. The major causes of vomiting of blood (hematemasis) as been trace to one or more of the following :alcoholism, poisoning from radiative elements, swallow of dangerous object, liver failure, stomach cancer, peptic ulcer, wounded blood vessel, irritation in the lining of the stomach, history of smoking, vomiting of ingested blood after hemorrhage, etc. The symptoms of hematemasis or vomiting of blood ranging from :nausea, fainting, difficulty in breathing, unclear vision.

Herbal remedy for vomiting of blood (hematemasis)

Omi (water), Eso omo inu mango(mango kernel) . Grind the mango kernel well to fine powder, and mix it with water. This mixture should be drop into the ear of hematemasis patients at once. He or she will stop vomiting blood almost immediately. It should be noted that once you take once you will get instant result. There is no need for continue application of the mixture to your ear. This simple herbal remedy is very effective to cure hematemasis.

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