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HERITAGE – The Vision Continues…

Hidden For Centuries, IFA Is A Nature System That Helps To Develop Realistic Relationships With The Natural Forces That Govern The Universe.
IFA Is Not Religion, History, Philosophy, And Science But IFA Contains Religion, History, Philosophy, And Science Within Itself By Which Wonderful Things Are Performed.
The Quest For Knowledge Has Driven Mankind From The Dawn Of Time To Look More Carefully, Study, Distinguish, Assimilate And Accumulate Information, Experience And Observation From Time To Time. Aided By Language, Analytical Brain And Culture, Mankind Has Been Able To Distinguish From Other Animals.
While IFA Often Speaks In Parables, HERITAGE The Vision Continues… Is Devoted To Sharing The Knowledge And Wisdom Of Traditional Spirituality And Culture In Terms That The Average Person Can Hope To Understand.
” Mankind Has Reached A Bridge That Can Only Be Crossed In Unity ”
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