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Sacred Symbols Of The Òrìşà In The Spiritual World

The Teaching given to us here by BABA Odùdúwà is SUPER KEY, it tells us that there is No sentimentality in the Spiritual world, which is peaceful place, which is an infinite space full of SYMBOLS OF POWER (Magic Seals or Signatures or Sigils) and its Worked with these symbols of power in the Spiritual World, these symbols refer to the magic symbols, the Magic Signatures of Spirits and Beings of Power.


Each of the 401 ÒRÌŞÀ reveals Odùdúwà that has a Signature or Sacred Symbol, which this is key in the initiation or consecration ceremony, and when that ÒRÌŞÀ is consecrated or crown on the head (ORÍ) of the Person, that symbol will also be carved or engraved on the sacred stones (OTA) of the 401 ÒRÌŞÀ. This symbol is not what they call in the afrocuban tradition as head “Osun”, but a particular sacred symbol that expresses the energy of that particular ÒRÌŞÀ.


This is something that Baba Odùdúwà has transmitted to certain ÒRÌŞÀ already cast their initiations, as Olókun, ÈŞÙ, Ògún, Ọya, Yemaya, ÒŞUN, Obàtálá, Şàngó, Égún among others, in the initiation of IFA also there a Sacred symbol that is scratched over the head. Baba Odùdúwà said that in the spiritual plane is like a being in an eternal meditation to be able to radiate his power.

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