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I caught my dad & my step sister Doing it in my parents bedroom.

Hi, there is serious fire blazing in my family right now. My mum had a child who is five years older than me, before she met and wedded my father. She has 3 of us for my father and we have been living calmly together for around 19 years now. Many don’t even know that my father is not the father of my step sister. About two months ago, I nabbed my father and my step sister red handed engaging in sexual intercourse in my parents bedroom.

I have cautioned them however it seems they are presently going to hotels to proceed with their familial lust.

I am truly befuddled and ngry, I don’t know whether I should to tell my mum. I can’t sleep well with this serious burden on my heart however, I would prefer not to obliterate my Family.

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