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Importance of ORUNLA

ISEFA/IKOFA, The Hand of Orunmila: While people certainly receive Ikofa without the intention of becoming Ifa priests many people begin their path towards initiation with this ceremony. A fully initiated Babalawo and Iyanifa work with two or more hands of Orunmila.

This ceremony provides the future Babalawo or Iyanifa with a direct connection to the Orisa of wisdom, knowledge, and divination. With the “Hand of Orunmila” you will be taught how to make simple offerings to Orunmila and how to use this special tool to improve and empower your life. Whether this is your first step toward becoming an Ifa priest or whether you wish only to receive Orunmila for the Ase, protection, and empowerment it provides, you will not be sorry.

It is with this ceremony that you learn the path of your Ifa. It is where you are introduced to the ways that Orunmila will guide you on your destiny path and it is with this ceremony that you become a “child of Orunmila” and therefore earn the right to wear the sacred ide (bracelet) of Ifa, which according to legend protects its wearer for early death. Additionally, the Ikofa ceremony is the same ceremony for both men and women, and also Babalawo / Iyanifa: To become a Babalawo (men) or an Iyanifa (women) is one of the most empowering things a person can do for themselves. In so doing, you will have an irrevocable link to Orunmila, the Orisa of wisdom, knowledge, and of course divination after becoming a Babalawo or iyanifa

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