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Is Russia living in The Future Part 2 ? (NATO Jammed out of Civilization)

If you missed part one click here to see it.
Here is  another update of what Russia got and how far Russia has gone in Electronic Warfare that puts Russia ahead of every other country in the world.

Description: The Rtut-BM, ‘Mercury-BM’ in English, is an electronic warfare (EW) system intended to protect troops and equipment from artillery rockets and shells equipped with proximity fuses which explode at 3-5 meters of altitude.

The Rtut-BM affects the proximity/radio-controlled fuse making it explode at higher altitudes keeping the troops and equipment safe. Besides, the system is able to neutralize radio-frequencies employed by the enemy’s communications.

The Rtut-BM system is deployed on an MT-LB armored vehicle fitted with a television antenna which provides coverage for an area of 50 hectares (500,000 square meters) or a semi-sphere of 400 meters radius.

The antenna can rotate -/+150-degree and its jamming signal can last for six minutes. This EW system requires a crew of two-man and can be ready for jamming within 10 minutes. The KRET corporation has been manufacturing and delivering KRET systems to the Russian Armed Forces since 2011.

See video bellow.
Sorry the video is in Russian language but play it to have an idea of how the new technology works.

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