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Is #Russia living in the Future ? Video: How KRET Richag-AV, Russian Electronic Warfare Works in Real Life ?

According to the youtube channel that shared that made the vido

“KRET company approached us to make a short movie showing the capabilities of high-end electronic warfare system – Richag-AV. This helicopter escort air defence suppression system is designed to minimise the suppression threat by antiaircraft defence assets including land-to-air and air-to-air missiles. We’ve made Full-CG video with dramatic script of a rescue operation conducted by helicopter group. Mission is accomplished successfully due to effective performance of Richag-AV that eliminates the threat coming from terrorist rocket launcher.”

Is this the reason why those McCain backed rebels were not able to use McCain’s Stingers to shoot Russian jets down and they decided to use condom bombs ? Plus Obama sending 50 special military to Syria to spy how to unjam the technology ?
It seems Russia is living in the future..




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