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Netflix Gay jesus Open letter Nigerian Christians

Netflix Gay Jesus: Open letter to Nigerian Christians.

Dear Nigerian Christians,

You have been acting movies demonizing African traditional beliefs. You have portrayed Ikenga in the most negative image. You have portrayed Fenibeso, Egbesu, Èṣù, Ekwensu, Osun, Amadioha, Ògún, etc, as evil, demonic, and low vibrational entities that should be destroyed. Everyday, you make movies demonizing African traditional religion.

Your pastors, in your movies walks into an ancestral shrine and waves their bible and the traditional priest gets struck by lightening.
For generations you guys have lied and caused havoc with your negative portrayal of our Ancestral spirituality.

Yet, you can’t take a simple joke from Netflix that Jesus is a gay? Why are you guys so hypocritical? Why the anger over a comedy? You guys can’t even perceive the aroma of the food you’ve been cooking for generations.


Iyo Obietonbara

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