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9 Mistakes Most (Nigerian) Car Owners Make

Let’s face and accept the facts, most Nigerians, or should I say a significant number of Nigerian car owners, make way too many mistakes. A number of them could cause minor damages, while others could be fatal. Let’s learn some mistakes you’re probably making and why you ought to stop them.

Not Reading The Car Manual

I will stake a Rolls Royce Phantom in a bet that, about 5 out of 10 or higher Nigerian car owners/drivers haven’t read their car manual or any car manual for that matter. Read your car or truck manual!, not  all cars are exactly the same !.Get to understand your car.

Not Knowing Basic Car Maintenance And Repair

An excellent number car owners, don’t know basic maintenance and repair of minor faults. Imagine if your car or truck stops working where you’ve no use of a mechanic, and all you have to is simply 10 minutes of quick fixes to have you back on the highway ?.Learn basic maintenance and repair, many of them are contained in the manual !.Watch and study from your mechanic, ask questions!.

Trying To Fix Things Beyond Your Experience
Around its good to discover ways to fix stuff yourself, there are several items that are way away from experience level. Leave it to the pros. Don’t do more harm to your car.
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