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Odún dé, Gbogbo Irúnmolè e gbé ire wá

Our World Ifa festival has come, all divinities, we request that goodness is brought to us all.

Just listen to Òsé Orógbe as follows:-

Eésan ò sé gbá lójú
Àkeèkèé ò se é dìníbò
Adífá fún Odún tíí se Yèyé Oba
Òsé tééré ogbè gbooro
Adífá fún Ònyagbè tíí roko àlerò lódún
A ń módún rere bòwálé o
Odún rere kìí gbé séyìn èkùn

A palm kernel shell cannot be slapped
Scorpion cannot be held in the palm
Cast divination for Odún(Festival) who is the mother of King
Òsé is slender while Ogbè is tall
Cast divination for Ònyagbè( farmer) who is unexpectedly going to the forest to farm
We are bringing Good Festival home
Good Festival never perish in a foreign land.

I am rejoicing with the following Eminent Personalities on the World Ifa festival in Oke Itase Ile Ife today 6th June 2020.

1. His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife
2. Eminence Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni, Araba Oluisese Agbaye
3. Founding President and Trustee of International Council for Ifa Religion, Professor Oloye Idowu Odeyemi
4. Incumbent President of International Council for Ifa Religion, Oloye Solagbade Popoola
5. All Arabas of Yoruba land
6. All members of Awo Olodu Merindinlogun
7. All members of Festival Committee.
8. Others so numerous to mention.

No thanks to coronavirus pandemic that restricted movement to Ile Ife.
May Ifa heal our broken World. Ase.

Stay blessed.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria
Trustee of International Council for Ifa Religion

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