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Olowu of Owu kingdom

Olowu of Owu kingdom: Another Omo Ale Yo’oba ? – According to Abifarin

Yoruba people! African people in general, please listen to beautiful nonsense utter from the mouth of the so-called dog that call himself pastor and new king of Owu (The olowu of Owu kingdom) Adegboyega **Dosunmu
Do you know why I star this name (Dosunmu) out? The name is a name given to someone who was ask to feed/make sacrifice to Osun rod for the unborn child when she conceived
Talking about culture, are there traditions and taboos you used your powers as the king to abrogate?
There are. But then, I think as a growing race, we must accept and allow some new ideas to come in.

One thing we must not let go is the cultural discipline that we have. Education is another subject that can be harnessed by culture. The culture of learning must not be allowed to go haywire. That you have this and that exposure doesn’t mean that you should not give honour to whom honour is due. If you fail to relate with our surroundings, we will not be able to develop that background and culture that we have.


We cannot understand them anymore, not even to the point of developing them. It is what we have that we would use to make progress. I am not saying we should keep to the old style of living, I am not saying the old style is useless either. You can only sit down as an enlightened person and try and reinvent things. We must not jettison our culture but we must know it so thoroughly that we can do anything we like with it to the point of making it to progress.
It is widely believed that an Oba must have passed through so many rituals and initiations before and after being crowned, did you pass through any?
I refused to go through any ritual because that would have been anti-progressive.
So how did you decide that?
I was born and raised and brought up in the periphery of the palace. My father was not an Oba but he acted as an Oba in the absence of an uncle who passed on. My father was called to become an Olowu and he said never!

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  1. Omotayo Amire

    I’m ashamed of this old fool, old bastard

  2. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    He should abdicate immediately. He’s not fit to represent asa Yoruba

  3. Ajayi Modupe

    Hmmmmm…. Ìrònú nlá ni èyí jé o

  4. Temitayo Adedigba

    we need to tnk about dis deply. o gbero.

  5. More than a retarded fool

  6. Adebiyi Adeniyi

    Imagine the abomination coming from the olowu,,,,,, henceforth ,,, whomsover to be crowned an oba in yorubaland must be a core traditionalist,,,,,, must swear to the shrine of ogun

  7. Hmmmmmn, two sides of a coin..” The king” & “The king makers “…….

    I can see clearly that these two offices has been failing us consistently in the past.
    Can’t we devise another method of authority?

    A King is unfit as the king makers which make both of them plausible …….

  8. Olanrewaju Adetola

    This is the same path of dishonor the torungbuwa ruling house of sagamu seems to be treading by using religion as a yardstick to pick omooye

  9. Kemi Fabode

    Kosi bi won yi o se se ebolo ti koni run igbe, omo ale ni loje ki oribe

  10. Ohun ni kan ko ni o je omo ale, awon ti o fi je oba naa ,omo ale ni won

  11. Adebiyi Adeniyi


  12. Segun Akerele

    Eleyi yio je eko fun gbogbo awon ole ati jegudu – jera – ati oloriburuku omo-ale afobaje ni ile yoruba , wipe bo se ye ko ri fun won niyen.e gbo oun ti IFA so wipe? Bi aye ba ye won tan IWA ibaje ni won nwu. Difa fun onigbeyin- eleyi too joba tan to fi ORO mo iyawo re.

  13. Gbolahan Sotomi

    Just look at the foolish idiotic omo ale, he’s a dog for real

  14. Adekunle Opeyemi

    This one is oloriburuku o, onibaje

  15. The Yoruba culture and tradition is finally in its last stage of extinction, only a revolution can save it

  16. Cecil Chukwuma Anopueme


  17. It was OBJ that forced this man on people of owu, and for those who does not see anything wrong with this issue, am really sorry for them.

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