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Oriki Ori…

Ori Onise
Atete gbeni ju Orisa
Ori atete niran
Ori lokun
Ori nide
Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni
Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo
Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja
Ori ni seni ta a fi lo mosaaji aso oba
Ori gbe mi
Ori la mi
Ori ma pada leyin miOri, the competent Creator
He who is faster in aiding one than the Orisa
He who instantly remembers his devotee
Ori is valuable
Ori is jewelry
No Orisa can favour one without the consent of one’s Ori
It is Ori that aids one for one to be crowned of money
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using beaded walking stick even to the market
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using valuable cloths
Ori, please, support me
Ori, please, bless me
Ori, please, never turn against me.

More on ORI:
What is Ori?
Ori is the “Head”. Ori is an Orisa, and a very powerful and important one.
Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji teaches us:
Ko s’orisa ti i da ni i gbe lehin ori eni
No Orisa helps an individual without the consent of his or her Ori.
Also in Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji, IFA teaches us that Ori is the only Orisa that can be with us and accompany us through all of life’s journeys.
Odu Ifa Irete Ofun teaches us:
Ko si Orisa to to nii gbe
Leyin Ori eni
Ori gbona j’Orisa
No other Orisa can give support
Outside of one’s Ori
Ori is higher than all Orisa.
We are born with Ori, but we also can (and should) receive the physical shrine for Ori. Receiving Ori is a very powerful ceremony. Receiving Ori helps align one with their inner self (Ori Inu) and with their higher self (Iponri).


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