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Orunmila O jiire l’oni o! Bi Àlà tii ji l’Ode Akure!

Okanran Meji
I   I
Ifa ni:
Bi a ba ti ko ni bee ni a n ki ni
Bi a ba ti ki ni bee ni a n je ni
Orunmila pele o
Omo elepo lopo ti o j’adi
Orunmila pele o
Ekun j’eran sun!
Ifa says:
One’s appearance determines the way he/she is greeted
One’s style of greeting determines
The style of response
Honour to Orunmila
The sole palm oil magnate
Who never eats palm kernel oil (adi)
Honour to Orunmila
The Tiger who forever feeds on dinners of meat!
Orunmila has this oriki because
there’s never a day that animals are
not sacrificed to Him; eku, eja,
eye, snails, goats, pigs etc

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