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PMB making the same GEJ’s Mistake ? US To Conduct Counter-B’Haram Operations In Nigeria

The United States will conduct surveillance and intelligence operations against Boko Haram inside Nigeria, sources familiar with the plan told Agence France Presse (AFP), ON Friday.

Since Obama has proven to be “friendly to Terrorism and Gun Deaths” – he does this abroad and at home – he sleeps in Office and swaggers all over the place blowing rhetoric all over the place as lack of Gun Control keeps destroying the US even as ISIL has decimated the Middle East leading to the worst refugee crisis in modern history.
GEJ should have gone to Putin more than 3 years ago – these sects called Boko Haram would have been destroyed as well but for him trying to please Obama – who along with Hillary chose to look away for the sole purpose of makings things unbearable for Nigerians so they could bring in a Muslim from the North.

In essence, Obama didn’t care that thousands of Nigerians were dying once he didn’t like the President (the same template in Syria) – he’s the biggest failure of a President of the US when it comes to International Relations in decades!

Don’t lets forget some recent events that took place in the past. Boko Haram is Wahhabi  Saudi Arabia terrorist organization or affiliate backed by the west and are being used to wage the 4th generation warfare/ war against countries proving too stubborn to gain total control of or not puppet enough to the AngloZionist Empire’s Regime ( In Nigeria’s case, it’s long  US,FRANCE, ZIONISTS divide and conquer the soul purpose of B’haram  and also the Chad basin). Therefore, they are being used as evil messengers  here or the dark-side of democracy, in other part of the world, regime change. This same Wahhabis terrorist invaded Russian republic of Chechnya but Putin won that war back in the day.

Let us also remember, our late president, Y’ardua died in the same Saudi Arabia after he invited the Russian president to Nigeria and they were discussing how to solve the Energy problem or sign a huge contract with Rosatom. What we are not sure is how this could be linked to the death of our dear President Y’ardua in Saudi Arabia. But one thing is for sure, Saudi Arabia is de facto anti-Russia in the middle east, 110% pro west (U.S or the AngloZionist empire’s permanent Puppet in the middle east)

Reports have it that, the operations will be carried out as part of the recently announced deployment of up to 300 US military personnel to neighbouring Cameroon, officials said.

“This is going to be part of our Boko Haram efforts that will be operating throughout the region,” one of the sources said on condition of anonymity.

It will not include boots on the ground or offensive combat, but will see US military operations against Boko Haram in Nigeria for the first time.

“It’s surveillance and intelligence gathering, not anything offensive,” said the same source.  US President Barack Obama, on Wednesday, announced 90 US personnel had already been sent to Cameroon and may eventually number up to 300.  The White House has been at pains to stress that personnel would not take part in combat operations and would be armed only for self-defense.

Nigeria greeted that announcement as a ‘welcome development.’  President Muhammadu Buhari took office in May vowing to end the violence that has killed scores and spooked much-needed international investors.

But US efforts to give him military assistance have been hampered by concerns about human rights abuses carried out by the country’s military.

The US moves come as Boko Haram steadily expands operations beyond its traditional base in northern Nigeria, conducting attacks in Cameroon and Chad that have killed dozens.


Question we need to ask ourselves: Is PMB really serious about ending Boko Haram or another U.S puppet that has the intention of ending the boko haram on one side  but also playing Politics with Nigerian lives, trying to please pro-U.S in Nigeria. The likes of those who are already zombified to thinking U.S can solve the problem not knowing they are part of the problem ?

At this point,we do not need more lives being killed on a daily basis.


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