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Post of the Day: The Yorubas, Ibos, Hausas and the beltans !

We are sitting on a time bomb here in Nigeria called the politicians. Instead of praying to God to destroy all the enemies of our great country, we are busy supporting the politicians that did not know of our existence. When the bombs go off now and the war begins, they will run away with their families leaving we the masses to kill ourselves.

Ibos remember Ojukwu??? He didn’t die in the civil war o but some of your parents did. Yorubas, did OBJ die in the war???? No, in fact he was a president for two terms 99-07. he still lives and your family members are still missing. Hausas, what of IBB and T.Danjuma?? They are still alive o. The civil war did not consumed them. My middle beltans, Yakubu Gowon is still alive o while some of you had gone with the Rivers Benue and Niger. So, if should happen.

You and I will be killed but GEJ, Nyako, Oshoimole, Almakura, El-Rufai, APC, PDP and their co travellers will survive. We should stop seeing ourselves as Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa, South or North. We should see ourselves as Nigerians having common troubles & enemies. And say NO to the Politicians trying to use us for their selfish interests.

May God destroy all the enemies of our great country, Nigeria. Oh God, take care of those saying Nigeria will not be in existence by 2015, and or have negative plans for the future of our beloved home Nigeria for us. My God nothing is beyond You, save our Nigeria from the hands of GREEDY politicians and give us leaders that will make us proud anywhere we find ourselves in this world. God Bless Nigerians. 1 Nigeria, United we stand!!! -#OtuJerry

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