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Silly Habits of Most Nigerians

Top 10 Silly Habits Of Most Nigerians When They Become Graduates

10 Silly Habits of Most Nigerians When They Become Graduates

1. They Discriminate against the not so Educated/Illiterates

I know that it’s never easy to be a graduate in a country like this, but that’s not justifiable to discriminate against other people. Some of them are always quick to label other people illiterates at any slight provocation. I have witnessed many scenes when several corpers where bashing a bus conductors labelling him an illiterate when the “give me my change” duel arose

To some graduates, in as much as you were not fortunate to pass through the four walls of a university, they see you as a mediocrity. This is one of the foolishness displayed by some graduates.

2. They Intimidate other people with the use of grammar

This is common with the female folks. They will always want to show off in public places that they have good articulation of pronunciation, spellings, dictions etc, even when the situation doesn’t warrant it. However, they may be very fluent in their mother tongue but when in public places, they will always want to show to people that they are grammatical good in Queens’ English, speaking like Celine Dion. If you speak Yoruba to them, they will respond in English cos they feel they are too learned to speak their mother tongue

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