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UK's Prince William & Wife Kate Name Their Son as Louis Arthur Charles

UK’s Prince William & Wife Kate Name Their Son as Louis Arthur Charles

The youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is fifth in line to the British Crown after his two older siblings, his father and his grandfather the Prince of Wales.  The name of Prince William and Katherine’s third child has been announced as Louis Arthur Charles.

The newest Prince’s royal style will undoubtedly be “His Royal Highness, Prince Louis of Cambridge.”

Prince Louis is widely believed to have been named for the adoptive uncle of his great-grandfather Prince Phillip, Louis of the House of Battenburg later to be renamed Mountbatten. His third Christian name, Charles is just a nod to another British Monarch, his grandfather Charles the Prince of Wales.

In some slack from the traditions of yesteryear, Prince Louis won’t automatically displace his older sister Princess Charlotte in the distinct succession, whilst the Parliamentary Succession to the Crown Act of 2013 eliminated the automatic preference for male heirs, instead favoring “absolute primogeniture” in accordance with that the eldest child succeeds irrespective of gender.

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