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What do we really know about the Orisa of the Yoruba Land?

Yorùbá Traditheological Class For Those Who Are Interested Both Beginners, Intermediates And Advanced Learning.

And how many of you who don’t participate to a temple in Nigeria, or a Terreiro in Brazil, always wished to worship the Orisa in their original Cult?
I think that Religion and Faith belongs to everyone on the earth and everyone has the right to worship Orisa, Gods, Spirits, in the correct way. Which is the correct way? It is the way that those Orisa, Gods, Spirits wants to be worshipped. Their Mysteries are in the hands of their Priests and Pristesses. Their deep Mysteries are in the womb of the Old Tradition.
Ogundabede Online Temple is happy to introduce our Online classes with Babalawo Prince Ifaleke Babalola and Babalawo Ifaseun Babalola, with the participation of Omo Awo Ifawumi (as translater and assistant). The classes are in the following languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, Espanol. For more information you are free to contact us via Facebook, or via our website and blog.
may OLODUMARE and all ORISA in heaven and Earth bless you all.

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