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Who Is Orunmila?? (Must Read)

Ask me this question some few years ago, I mean before the advent of Proudly Yorùbá I would probably say a filthy, ugly, cannibalistic old man who dined with Esu (Esu here would have meant Satan).

Seriously, who is Orunmila??

I did my findings and this is what I found…
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  1. Balogun Adesina

    Wow !!Beautiful piece. Orunmila is better than all the jesus, Mohammed, Buddha etc Combined in this world

  2. Izuchi Joseph

    Ifa is word of the Creator mystical in nature. The Europeans and the Americans understood it scientifically better than the Yoruba and other Africans. In Hebrew it called Epha while Arabic called Hati, in Europe its called Geomancy. All these are scientifically symbolise binary numbers. It has 256 chapters of mythology patterns with 800 verses per chapter. Hope our Yoruba people would allowed spiritual knowledge to grow beyond bastardize of an ancient culture and spirituality.

  3. Gbolahan Sotomi

    This is beauttiful, makes super sense

  4. Segun Akerele

    Refreshing to read …. It’s sad that we demonize our gods for a God used to dehumanize us…. Our gods are our heritage and part of who we are…. We are discarding and destroying our historical treasures …… Because of the fear propagated by the slave masters,…. Our Gods were called barbaric and evil but none of them ever killed of humanity like God did in the bible” …. Our Gods were about spirituality and being one with nature not about worship me or burn in hell like the God they enslaved us with…..


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