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Wonder shall never seize!

It’s not suprising this days that people find it very easy using Ifa name to make money, they are nothing but money monger. It’s a short witty say “some people are so much poor that the only thing they have in their life is money” All thesemoney mongers are not babalawo, they didn’t come from Onifa’s family. They were wolf in human fold. Before they were only found in Nigeria but now (laughing) they have migrated and advanced to the diaspora.
Imagine, some whites, some African-American and African are now duping people over there, they turn all Ifa processes upside down. They wouldn’t know the implications because they don’t learn Ifa, Ifa has revealed this that those who do things that are not in accordance with what is laid down by Orunmila will perish, seriously some of you may think you can go Scot free but, sooner or later you Wil see the consequences.
**Imagine make esu (spirit of divine judge) using cement and sand. What rubbish! (NOTICE: I don’t say there no whites who are babalawo and likewise African-American)
You better stop that before the wrath of Olodumare descend on you!
**Given only one ikin Ifa (Ifa sacred palm fruit) saying, it’s abomination given a woman more than this
**Buy and give toys to some people and call these one orisa or the other.
Novice of this customs, culture, tradition and religion now find it difficult to segregate between genuine babalawo and the wanderers.
To before warn


Babaawo Abifarin Famoyewa Abiodun

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