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Yoruba Customs & Beliefs Pertaining to Ojo Isegun (Tuesday) in relation to your Star

In yoruba culture and spirituality it is believed that the day you were day of the weeks have certain effects, either positive and negative on the activities or star of human beings. Hence they warn that there certain day of the week that one should not start important project of ventures,example of such day is OJO ETI (Friday ).let leave that till another day if spirit lead me to post on it again.

Today is OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday ).I am writing this to explain the yoruba believe about OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday ) in relation to your life activities especially if you birthday is Tuesday. In yoruba culture OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday ) is believe to be a day of victory, mostly when yoruba give birth child on OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday )they usually christened or name such child ‘SEGUN ‘which mean Victor. It is believed that it on this day that all ajogun (evil forces )were conquered,hence it’s called OJO ISEGUN (THE DAY OF VICTORY ) this day fall on third day of the week if we go by English calendar of the 7 days of the week, which is Tuesday. It is believed that this day is an ideal day to start any venture that such venture or adventure will be successful. Because it is believed that this day is full of energy. However is not advisable to conduct wedding or engagement on this day, because such wedding is likely to collapse as a result of conflict or fight. It is also not advisable to start things together in groups on this day because it likely that such thing would result to conflict. Expect this it is believed that Tuesday is a day to start any venture it will be successful.
If you are born on OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday ) these are what is believed to be your star and traits.

Any body born on OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday ) are oloro (wealthy person ) alagbere (they are promiscuous ),alainisuru (impatient person )onijagidijagan (destructive and hot temper person ) onigboya ati akikanju eniyan (fearless and courageous person )oniniu fufu (they are easily prone to anger )aligidi okan (they don’t like to change their decision even when they are wrong, they are usually uncompromising person ) akanda eniyan, oludari, igbamiran won le je jagun jagun ( they are usual born leader, they are usually soldiers and warriors ) oniferan obirin tabi okunrin (they like woman if they are men and thy like men if they are woman )alagbara eniyan (they are usually powerful and energetic and usually a busy person ).onigbonra eniyan (they usually act on impulse or the prompt of the movement ) they take decision without deliberation or consideration ) .it is advisable for any body born on this day of the week to work on anger.

But they are usually successful, except that they do find it difficult to cope with impatient and proud person. They like their partners especially theirs wife or husband or friends to be submissive to them. They are very busy and full of energy.

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