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“Yorùbá Real history: Oró ikomojade !

Do you know that back in those days in Yorùbá land, if we give birth to a new born baby:
Baby boy will be named on the 9th day of birth
Baby girl will be named on the 7th day of birth
A boy and a girl twin will be named on the 8th day of birth.
There is what we call Oró ikomojade. On the 7th or 9th day of birth, the eldest woman will carry the new born baby in her hands at the entrance of the house, people will pour water on the roof of the house, when a drop of the cold water touch the baby’s skin, he/she will cry out and people will shout “welcome to our world baby, the World is sweet please eat with us”.
Before the day the baby is given a name, the names they call the baby are ìkókó, Tunfulu, Alejo, etc.


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