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Boko Haram Commander Surrendered To Troops In Borno – Defence Headquarters

Saleh Mustapha, a Boko Haram commander, has surrendered to troops of Operation Hadin Kai in Borno state, according to the Defence Headquarters (DHQ).

On Thursday, April 7, Bernard Onyeuko, director of defence media operations, informed journalists that Mustapha’s surrender to forces in Bama was noteworthy.

As of April 5, a total of 51,114 rebels and families, consisting of 11,398 men, 15,381 women, and 24,335 children, have surrendered to forces, according to Onyeuko, who also provided a report on military operations between March 25 and April 7.

During this time, troops also killed a large number of terrorists, detained 22 spies, 11 bandits, and three logistical suppliers, and rescued 30 civilians.

All surrendered militants were documented, while those who were captured, rescued civilians, and recovered valuables were turned over to the competent authorities for further investigation.

The statement read; 

“Others are one mine resistance ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle, three gun trucks, One MOWAG armored personnel carrier, and two RPG tubes.

“Three RPG rockets, three RPG bombs, one NSVT gun, two GPMG, one light MG, one PKM, three GPMG belts, and four belts of PKT rounds.

“Also recovered are 600 7.62mm NATO rounds, 16 AK 47 rifles, one Dane gun, 270 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, one Toyota Buffalo vehicle, one Golf saloon car, four motorcycles, six magazines, two pairs of camouflage, two terrorist flags, one tricycle, and one active drone.

“The land component with the support of the air component conducted offensive operations at different locations of the theatre such as Ukuba/Camp Zairo, Sabil Huda, Ba Masaa, Wulgo, Marta,fulatari village, Uraha Crossing Point, Mbalala, Gamboru town all in Borno.

“Notably, among the exploits of our troops was the capture of the terrorists’ stronghold by Ukba/Camp Zairo in the Sambisa forest where some artillery guns, armored personnel carriers, trailers, and large cache of arms and ammunition were captured.

“Troops also destroyed terrorist enclaves, captured some terrorists, destroyed terrorists improvised explosive making factory.”

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