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Je Suis Laurent Gbagbo

Today President Laurent Gbagbo ( Cote d’Ivoire ) is in ICC prison because he has ruined the plans of France and USA as well as their local puppeteers to fully grab the resources of the country.

He is being in ICC prison on bogus,flimsy accusations because he has simply said NO to the West’s control over his beloved country.
President Laurent Gbagbo was working diligently to give more power to his people to control the economies of their country instead of letting the French, and others Western companies to have the monopoly on the Ivorian market which is one of the most profitable in Africa. The essence of President Laurent Gbagbo and his Pan-African party FPI ( Ivorian Popular Front)’s ideology was and still is about the economically empowerment of the Ivorian people by enabling them to fully own their country’s God-given resources, add value on them through hard word before enjoying the fruits of their work.

This is what the West doesn’t want to see: African people owning their resources and also freely trade with whoever please them based on mutual interest.
Nimba Tiannimbo Mhaat, International Trade, Economics and Politics Analyst.

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